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B.P 31 Boulevard de la Plage
40170 Contis
Alain : 06 12 91 80 36
Tel/Fax : 05 58 42 45 74
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Ecole surf St GIRONS Plage

BP1- 5054 route de la plage
40560 Saint-Girons Plage
Laurent : 06 11 89 19 51
Tel/Fax : 05 58 47 91 27
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The answers to your questions:

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  • Is it possible to surf all year round?

The conditions of practice and the level of the practitioner, in their totality, define the possibilities of practice. The equipment has changed enormously and we can surf all year round.

Max respect surf schools are open from April to November.

It is possible to contact us in winter subject to availability and possibilities. For surf or SUP sessions.

  • At what age can you start surfing? " ...No matter the age, as long as there is the urge!... "

Surfing is practiced at any age, from the age of 6 and under (depending on the profile) to adults and senior adults are welcome too.

It is necessary to have a certain aquatic ease (put your head under water) for the youngest or the beginners. In fact, beginner-level courses take place in shallow water areas (water height at the waist) and your instructor is with you.

To pass to higher levels, it is necessary to know how to swim at least 25m.

  • What are the class times? " ...In the right place at the right time... "

Surfing is a great outdoor activity and complitely depending on Nature. We are awaiting the latest weather forecasts as well as the regular observation of the beach by the instructors and their local knowledge.

Depending on the environmental conditions (weather, sandbank, baïne, tide, etc.) and depending on the level and age of the participants, we define the schedules and the location of the lessons to optimize your practice and your safety.

Therefore, the schedules are given the day before for the next day and adjusted daily during your internship. Doing a Surf course supposes a little availability, the lessons can take place between 8h and 20h last departure. Come 10 minutes before departure time to prepare.

We have to accept the uncertainty and unpredictability of surfing and its practice. Our goal is to make you surf in the right place at the right time, with the right people.

  • What days for the lessons?

In high season:

The 5x2h courses take place from Monday to Friday

The 3x2h mini-courses take place from Monday to Wednesday or from Thursday to Saturday.

The "Kids" sessions can take place from Monday to Saturday

Out of season, everything is possible, see directly with the managers Alain or Laurent

  • How are groups formed?

Groups are made up of a maximum of 8 people for each instructor, depending on the level, affinities, motivation and desires of each. It is important to let us know your expectations and desires when registering.

The surf is open everyone from leisure sports to more extreme sports.

Possibility of forming "Family" groups so that parents and children can surf together.

  • What do i learn in a course?   " the best surfer is the one who takes the most pleasure... "

Although these are group lessons, each person is unique with their qualities / faults, pedagogy and advice are therefore individualized in order to optimize progression, pleasure and safety.

Each session aims to improve both your knowledge and reading of the ocean (observation, topos) and your sensations and technique (practice in the water). Our goal is your autonomy.

  • What is my surfing level for registration to courses?

COMPLETE BEGINNER: I have never done Surfing before

BEGINNER +: I have already taken 1 or more surf lessons, I want to continue to progress in the foams (broken waves,   white wash) before going to the "real" waves.

IMPROVEMENT: I ​​am able to surf real waves or reforming ones from my first day of training. I no longer want to surf in the white wash.

CONFIRMED: I am independent in my surfing practice and wish to expand my knowledge and technical background.