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Ecole surf CONTIS

B.P 31 Boulevard de la Plage
40170 Contis
Alain : 06 12 91 80 36
Tel/Fax : 05 58 42 45 74
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BP1- 5054 route de la plage
40560 Saint-Girons Plage
Laurent : 06 11 89 19 51
Tel/Fax : 05 58 47 91 27
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Discovery session


For a first approach of gliding in the broken waves in a shallow place where you can walk, you will discover the raw thrills and chills lying on the board and those of " standing up " , the first move of a surfer , moving from lying to standing on the board.

Depending on your physical abilities then you can enjoy surfing standing on the board.

Our goals for you are to:

  • Observe and recognize the practice location (surfspot ) suitable  to the level of surfing.
  • Observe and recognize the dangerous places for beginners and swimmers.
  • Know the rules and police of the beach ( bathing areas , surfing areas ... ).
  • Know the basic safety rules of Surfing for you and others.
  • Discover the basics of bodysurfing (heating , gaming, safety )
  • Share the simple pleasures of Surfing wether lying or  standing ...

For safe holidays

The sequence type of a 2 hour session :

Equipment at the local

Departure of the group to the beach with his monitor

Stop on the top of the beach, watching and analizing the surf conditions , choice of the surfspot

Presentation of the objectives of the session, safety advice, recommendations

Warm up by bodysurfing or more specific according to level

Surfing, Surfing and Surfing at your own rythm (exercises, games, themes) . Search for specific sensations, corrections. Individualized teaching .

End-of- session feedback

Back to local , rinsing and storage of materials
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