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Ecole surf CONTIS

B.P 31 Boulevard de la Plage
40170 Contis
Alain : 06 12 91 80 36
Tel/Fax : 05 58 42 45 74
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Ecole surf St GIRONS Plage

BP1- 5054 route de la plage
40560 Saint-Girons Plage
Laurent : 06 11 89 19 51
Tel/Fax : 05 58 47 91 27
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MAX RESPECT Surfschools were born from the meeting of Laurent and Alain, sharing a strong collaboration full of passion and experience. Organized around themes such as Surfing, Environment and Arts .

MAX RESPECT is a singular and unique school. This is Max Respect's spirit.
Max Respect Surfschools were the very first schools labeled by the French Surfing Federation . The label " French School of Surf " is assigned each year since 1996. Max Respect is well recognized by its qualities of Reception, Coaching, Education and Security . Max Respect endeavor to comply with environmental structures charter schools.
Max Respect is also a member of the selection CLUB " Surfing in Landes: quality schools " from Departmental Committee Tourism Landes. These surf schools are involved in a quality approach.
Max Respect Surfschools were the first to install in Contis plage and Saint Girons plage .
Max Respect is also the first school to teach and train on the Mediterranean coast .
Open to all ,from 5 years old to ..."up to you"..., Max Respect Surfschools are friendly places to meet and share, and for everyone who wants to develop “marine sense" and relationship to Nature.


  • Surfing and its derivatives (Bodysurf, Shortboard, Longboard, Bodyboard, Stand Up Paddle )safely
  • Learning the rules of priorities and conviviality
  • Knowledge of the regulation of beaches
  • Discovery and respect the surrounding environment
  • Discovery of meteorological concepts
  • Awareness of pollution problems
  • Autonomy and pleasure, your pleasure

Supervision is provided by passionate instructors graduated of State Certificate of Educator Sports 1 and 2 Surf (BEES 1 ) or BPJEPS Surf . Instructors hold National Patent Rescue and Water Safety ( BNSSA ) .
Managers Alain and Laurent are graduated “High-level Trainer” and “Eco-Surf Trainers”.
Over 20 years experience in Les Landes , the Mediterranean and worldwide .

Max Respect allows annual monitoring by organizing :

  • Courses for all levels : Discovery - initiation - development - training for various individuals or organizations ( UNSS Class Sea , recreation centers , social centers, CE ... )
  • Surf club Trainings
  • Surf camps and Surftrips in France and abroad
  • Instructor Training

From April to October in the Landes, October December March in the Mediterranean. For Surftrips in the Landes and abroad ( Morocco , Portugal , elsewhere ...) see news.