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Ecole surf CONTIS

B.P 31 Boulevard de la Plage
40170 Contis
Alain : 06 12 91 80 36
Tel/Fax : 05 58 42 45 74
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Ecole surf St GIRONS Plage

BP1- 5054 route de la plage
40560 Saint-Girons Plage
Laurent : 06 11 89 19 51
Tel/Fax : 05 58 47 91 27
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Sup (only at CONTIS)

Stand Up Paddle

Exclusevely on the river "Le Courant de Contis". Max Respect proposes you courses of SUP and beautiful walks. The SUP is very accessible, playful and magic activity. The discovery of a "zone Natura 2000" when flora and fauna are protected.

Why to practise the SUP with Max Respect ?

Discover a unique wild place.

The SUP is the fastest-growing water sport. From 12 and any ages. You just need a little balance.

The SUP is friendly. Small group, with family, with friends and at the same time alone with your board and always in the nature.

The SUP is guaranted pleasure and fun.

The feeling to walk on the water, just with a board and a paddle. Take advantage of the nature . Just be zen and calm.

It's inhale. The sea air and water rich in minerals and trace elements.

The SUP is zen. The sunlight is essentiel. Real natural antidepressant to maintain you in a good mood ad good sleep.

The SUP is complete sport:

  • balance
  • loss of weight
  • shape your body
  • strengthen the deep muscles
  • maintain the heart and breath
  • reeducation
  • physical preparation

You find the Base S.U.P Max Respect in the camping Lous Seurrots in Contis. The departure is there and depend of the tide.

Beginners start here ! Learn the basics of getting on and off your board and proper paddling and maneuvering techniques in this one hour (1h or 1h30) introductory lesson.

Price (july/august): 1h30 30€ / 1h 25€



SUP SUNSET; SUP DELUXE(Private UZA's Lake); Rentals (SUP ; family SUP fro 2 or 3 )


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