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B.P 31 Boulevard de la Plage
40170 Contis
Alain : 06 12 91 80 36
Tel/Fax : 05 58 42 45 74
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BP1- 5054 route de la plage
40560 Saint-Girons Plage
Laurent : 06 11 89 19 51
Tel/Fax : 05 58 47 91 27
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MAX RESPECTSurfschool offers surf lessons per week, usually Monday to Friday, 5 sessions of 2 hours.

They allow the acquisition of a good basis once technical and cognitive for your Surf. What you will do at the end of your internship, you will know it for life!

At the end of each course, a balance sheet for each will be made by issuing a "PASSPORT SURF" published by the Surfing French Federation. Validated by your monitor, this passport permits to know where you are and set new goals.


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During your inernship in the BEGINNERS COURSES , the first sessions will occur in the broken waves . They allow an easy learning of paddling, rof standing up , different driving support of the board and a gradual familiarization with the ocean.

Then, depending on individual progress, abilities, and wave conditions , the lasts sessions will be focused on finding more excitement : get the "real" waves, discover the " take off" or start surfing frontside and backside .

Although progress may vary among individuals ( in terms of physical capacity, "feeling" , etc ... of each ) the beginners courses are designed for your AUTONOMY in the water through a basic knowledge of:

  • environmental Surfing ( ocean, waves, tides, currents, weather ).
  • Safety rules , priorities and usability of Surfing.
  • Different materials and boards, History of Surfing.
  • Technical skills, gestures and strategies of Surf


The advanced courses are aimed at people who already have a technical basis of surfing in the broken waves  and willing to progress in their surfing in the "real" waves. A minimum of SFF "Bronze" wave level is required.

The first session will aim to resume its brands, evaluate the trainee in order to propose a suitable "program". This will be built on work by "themes"

The objectives may be differents, such as:

  • Development of "seamanship" (strategies of movement in the water, wave choice, placement, etc ...).
  • Improved selection of paths, the supports. (lines on the wave, actions of the surfer on his board)
  • Improvement of gestural.
  • Expanding knowledge of the material ( how to choose his board), the environment of surfing, etc ...

Video analysis can be used as an educational tool.